Sport in Greece and Rome played crucial role in the society. Idea of fair competition to show “best of the best” is central motive already in Homeric epics; for later Greeks to be fit and strong person mean to be a good citizen. In Classical times sport events had religious meaning, uniting all Hellenes. Sport was so important social phenomenon that in fact it determined who was “civilized”, “Hellenic”- and who was not. In modern times it was those ideas that give birth to kallokagatia- “beauty of body and mind”, the founding stone of modern Olimpic games.

By attending our sport presentations, you will have occasion to learn about (and try yourself) some of the ancient competitions. Our athletes will show you basics of ancient wrestling and pankration- specifically Greek form of brutal fight with fists. You will also know rules of other sports- discus throw, jumps with lead weights and hoplitodromos- run in full hoplite panoplies. You will also learn realities behind old sport legends- did Filippiades run those 42 km to Athens after Marathon battle? Who was the strongest man of antiquity? How Greeks celebrated their champions?