Music is one of the spheres most difficult to reconstruct from the ancient past. We have multiple archeological remains at our disposal, iconography is quite rich; there are even preserved music treatises. On the other side, Greeks and Romans did not used our musical scale, making strict and fateful reconstruction of their music almost impossible. Thus, basing on the same sources, different musical groups can gain totally different results.

Nonetheless, our musically talented members took the task of recreating numerous ancient instruments. During our presentation you can hear sounds of sistrum (ancient rattle), whistles and tambourines. You will also learn about more sophisticated instruments- ancient aulos (popular Greek flute), Pan flute (instrument of multiple pipes connected to wild god Pan) and our carefully reconstructed Greek kitara. As always, our musicians teach you about history of music and instruments in antiquity, of their function in society, symbolic and legends connected with them.

Currently we are also developing ambitious project of recreating institution of ancient aoida- singer and bard in archaic Greece, performing Homeric poems to the music of kitara or harp. This presentation will give a unique possibility to feel on your own eyes and ears how ancient melorecitation looked like in its own environment.