Lingua Latina - Ancient Writing Tools And School

Ancient literary text are still main source of our knowledge about antiquity. It was expected from civilized citizen to be able to read and write, and these abilities were quite common in Mediterranean Basin. They were used not only to create works of history, literature or poetry, but in the daily life also, e.g. to communicate by letters, to make complicated trade and banking activities or to elect politicians (or expel them from community- like with Athenian ostracism). It is fair to say that Ancients developed first cultures of written word in its meaning.

Our Ancient Writing project consist of presentation about writing and workshops for young ones. After presentation of different, reconstructed writing tools in antiquity (cuneiforms, papyri, wax tables) our pupils can attend ancient school, learn about school discipline, organization of the courses, status of students and pedagogs. They will know how to prepare papyri, how to draw first letters and how to organize their own, small ancient library made from scrolls. They will also find out why in antiquity unruly teachers could be punished in the same way as their students.

Our members will teach how literary works were read in antiquity and present major classical text to encourage young ones to read on their own. Our experience confirms that such non-formal, interesting form of education is one of best tools to fulfill our statute mission- preserving and spreading Classical heritage.