How was to be a Roman soldier? How many kilometers you can do in full equipment? Was famous gladius really main weapon of the Roman legionary? What were the living conditions on the Roman limes?

These and other questions will be answered by our Roman legionnaires. In the cooperation with multi-national Roman LEGIO XXI RAPAX reenactment group, we were able to create, equip and train full contubernium- smallest, 8-person unit of the Roman legion of the I-II cent AD. Members of “Hellas et Roma” spend years reading about and faithfully reconstructing all details of equipment, tactics, organization and history of the Roman Army. Our highly trained professional soldiers are brave, disciplined and eager to die for the glory of Rome. They are also passionate to tell you all you wanted to know about the Roman army- but never dared to ask.


On special demand we can provide presentation of a battle between Romans and barbarians. For braver pupils we can also reconstruct whole cycle of service in the Roman army, teaching them how to march, muster their weapons in real Latin, fence with gladius and scutum and how to keep their formation. All under watchful eyes of our instructor.