Let a man learn how to fight by first daring to perform mighty deeds,
Not where the missiles won't reach, if he is armed with a shield,
But getting in close where fighting is hand to hand, inflicting a wound
With his long spear or his sword, taking the enemy's life,


Greeks where peculiar people indeed, and way they wage their war also. You will have occasion to observe how brutal and ruthless could be a confrontation between two line of phalanxes, each consisting of hoplitai (gr. armed men) – usually citizens called to arms, equipped in heavy breastplates, helmets, shields and sturdy spears. Our hoplites will tell you about Greek history, tactics, society and how war shaped today’s political and heroic ideas.

It is worth to mention that our group “Hoplitai”, created on the occasion of 2500 anniversary of the Battle of Marathon, is one of the few professional groups of this kind in Europe. Project is under constant development, in the future it will consist other separate sections dealing with civil life, philosophy and art.