Since 2007 our gladiatorial troop “Ludus Magnus Lubliniensis” is the core and our pride on almost every historical event that “Hellas et Roma” take part. Our gladiators already won everlasting fame on more than 40 different arenas; their names were shoot up in Poland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. Our stars- fiery Gallus Ignus, loved by women and hated by husbands; Tyrannus strong as a bear; small but fast Minimus wielding deadly Thracian sword and (last but not least) ignominious Pestinus- all of them will give you best experience of how was to be a gladiator in Rome.


This project is not only a part of educational program, but archeological experiment on itself, used by our academic members in their professional work. Ludus Magnus currently consist of 7 different categories of gladiators- myrmillo, thraex, retiarius, hoplomachus, dimachaerus, secutor and provocator. Each of them represents different equipment and fighting style; they are accompanied by slaves, doctores (combat teachers) and lanista- owner of our troop. After the fight you will have occasion to listen about all details of this specific, Roman phenomenon- who organized games, what gladiators eat and how they lived, what was their life expectancies and status in the roman society.

On special demand we can organize gladiatorial school for children, teaching them how to wield weapons, fence to the wooden palus and how to use combat tricks during fighting itself.