Every ancient culture has its own ways to keep their bodies clean; in some (like Persian one) cleanliness had additionally other, sacral meanings. To be “dirty” mean to be outside from society, to be unfavored or even cursed by Gods- such person needed to undertake special purification rituals. Our project aims not only to reconstruct ancient smells themselves, it also tries to explore anthropology of smells in different ancient societies.

To reconstruct ancient perfume is not an easy task. We don’t have exact receipts left, and can only draw on archeological remains and descriptions from ancient authors. Still, we achieved many success in our project- it seems that when using right ingredients and similar techniques it is possible to close to achieve smells very similar to those used two thousand years before. About all of these- smells, bottles and role of perfumes– will tell you our magister, Sabina. You will have occasion to try it on your own and even buy a bottle or two.