You can recognize valuable reconstructor looking on his footwear only. To keep our feet firmly on the ground of reenactment market, we must provide our members with shoes of quality. Our calcementarivs is experienced in creating all varieties and forms of ancient shoes; Caligae, calcei, solae, sturdy barbarian boots or buskins for actors, all of them are based on carefully researched historical evidences and made from original, organic materials by traditional means of production. Cobbler Cactus can introduce you into secrets of his craft- from materials used, complicated process of production, through types and names for different types of shoes up the their social role in ancient Rome. His workshop consists of various tools, different types of skin and other materials (not to mention poor slaves). It is worth to mention that some of them were used barely 50 years ago in almost identical form all along the Europe; nowadays traditional cobbler remains one of the disappearing professions. 


NOTE: With 13 years of experiences, hundreds of sold pairs in more than dozens of models, we are one of the main providers of quality, historical ancient footwear on ancient reenactment market in Poland and Central Europe,. If you wish to order one of our products- contact Fabrica Cacti