Greeks and Romans divided people between the civilized and barbaric. The latter ones were always despised and feared in the same time. Beyond the Roman border, in vast forests of Germania (term much wider than today) hard conditions developed people that were wild, simple and strong, divided between the tribes that constantly fought between the Romans and each other. But were they really as the Roman sources portray them? Our small, barbarian tribe of archeologists reveals other face of the barbaroi. You will know about their inventions, their complicated social structures and developed spiritual culture, how they lived, dressed, make war and buried their tribesmen. Our spectators will have occasion to hunt the game with our warriors and to make a new cloth on our unique, carefully reconstructed ancient loom.

Our tribe is a mix of warriors and tribesmen (and tribeswomen as well- some of the them are warriors too!) representing different lands and times, to better show you variety of the “barbarian” lands. It consist of Germanic Swebes from the Elbe river, warriors from the Przeworsk culture (identified with Vandals) and even some small but important warband of Celts from today’s central Czech region.