It is impossible to touch all varieties and forms of classical art objects in one presentation. In fact, it would also be unhistorical task to some extent- as ancients never separated art from craftsmanship. Artist was recognized mainly as a skilled craftsman, favored by Gods, who gave him “passion” to create beautiful things.

Thus we prefer to concentrate on “daily” art, not great sculptures or architectural wonders from famous temples and palaces. Such “small” art- only lately recognized in academics as important part of normal life in antiquity- was much familiar to common citizen, it was expression of his real feelings and beliefs.

You will have occasion to learn about process of making ancient ceramics, how the model was created, how it was painted and about its numerous functions in ancient daily life- which included anything from storing the wine to keeping the ashes of your ancestors (sometimes in the same vessel!). Our new, very popular workshop of ancient painter will give you a glimpse about how popular was painting in antiquity. You will learn how ancients did a sketch, mix materials and painted picture in different techniques- all fresco (basing on Pompeian art) and encaustics. We will also present you peculiar art of making super-realistic funerary paintings in Roman Egypt, basing on finds from El Fayyum oasis, Egypt.