Ancient Weaving

It is fair to say that weaving in antiquity was purely women task, and usually took most of the time of female common folks. Some of the most elaborate textiles were real masterpieces and are rare finds (most textile do not survive such time in normal conditions); others have mythical status, such as Penelope’s tapestry she weaved for her husband.

Todays it is hard task to properly reconstruct facture of ancient textiles, as natural wool is extremely difficult to obtain. It also takes a lot of time to spine it on the loom; thus our presentation consist mostly of showing how ancient looms looked like, what kind of textiles they used and how they were colored (a complicated process demanding special production centers).  You will have occasion to try on your own the strenuous effort made by spinners. Special part of our presentation is lecture about history of silk in antiquity and beginnings of the Silk Road.