Ancient Theatre

Theatre was in the center of public life of almost every Greek and Roman community, works of some of the authors are still showed nowadays. Plays of Aristophanes, Sophocles or Menander are still valid today, as their work touches universal human problems.  


Our theatrical troop is a little different to those consisting of professional actors. Instead of concentrating on the performance itself, content of the play and its modern value, our goal is to represent what theatrical performances were FOR ANCIENTS, to recreate them in their own context. Thus we are interested mainly in social context of theatre in Greece and Rome, or how ancients themselves view performances. We also recreate all technical aspects of ancient theatrical art, such as masks, high boots, scenery and machines, and how they shaped actor’s craft. New, fascinating and unfamiliar (to modern eyes and ears) image of such ancient theatre emerges.


Currently we offer presentation of Roman play “Miles Gloriosus” by Plautius, we also develop performances of other plays by Roman and Greek authors. Integral part of every spectacle is small lecture on theatre in Roman society; we can also provide longer presentation using multimedia, dealing with the same topic.