Ancient Magic

Ancients believed that their fate depends on the will of gods and world is inhabited by numerous other beings- geniuses, lares, lemurs and demons. One cannot control them; however, their actions can be predicted and even appeased to some extent. Our wandering magician straight from mysterious Chaldea will guide you through this dark world of supernatural creatures and magic. He is not only a wiseman, but also a businessman practicing art of haruspicia -for small sum he can predict your future from the flight of the birds and help to make an important decision by looking at the fresh liver of the lamb. He can also teach you how to bind the spell, prepare herbal medicine or put a curse on your enemy. You will learn about different, strange and often surprising gods like serpent-like Abraxas or frightful Akephalos- The Headless, and how to force them to help you by the ways of magical formulas.

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