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Society for the Promotion of Classical Heritage “Hellas et Roma” was created in 2001 by students and scholars of Studium Generale Sandomiriense and UMCS University in Lublin, under the patronage (and tender tutel) of dr. hab Dariusz Słapek. Main goal of the Society is to spread and deliver knowledge about Classical history and culture by “living history” picnics, workshops, lectures, educational lessons and conferences. We believe that modernization is not only a treat to classical legacy, but also a chance to embrace it in new and attractive ways. Being created and constantly developed by historians, archeologists and classical scholars, our educational offer meet highest academic standards with attractive and accessible forms of presentation.





We are pleased to contact and cooperate with:

  • Event companies
  • Historical associations and organizations
  • Schools and teachers
  • Museums
  • All other subjects interested in Classical history and culture

We provide professionally developed scenarios of educational lessons, events and workshop. Offer presented below is customized for both children and adults, single and groups, and can be modified according to demands of our clients. We can provide anything from small, one-person presentation up to 18 thematic blocks with dozens of members at a time.


Hellas et Roma

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